Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Perfect Spring Meal

This is my third post on my new blog. I wrote a blog several years ago when I was attempting to transition from lawyer to Italian Chef. The Journey Continues. My last post was September 13, 2013. During the 3 years of writing The Journey Continues I generated 778 followers and 40,753 hits. I continue to get hits even when I have not posted for 1.5 years. Writing is therapeutic and fun and keeps me from watching too much TV so I am going back to it. I may even cancel my cable TV service.

My fist two posts were law related. Scroll down and read if you will. I will continue about legal topics and if you have legal questions leave it in the comments section and I will answer.

I decided however not to write exclusively about law. I want to make this blog light and fun to read so I am going to add food related posts. This is my first food post and I want to present, what to me, constitutes the Perfect Spring meal. Since a picture says a 1000 words and we all begin a great meal with our eyes here are 5 photo's which together create a perfect Spring meal. The colors, the mix of favors, ingredients and tastes. Enjoy.

Roasted red beets layers with smoked fish and cream cheese.

Tomato, sweet red pepper and sweet pea salad.

Buffalo Mozzarella, tomato and basil dressed with evoo.

The Ultimate fire grilled cheese burger.

Fresh Swedish wild strawberry tart.

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